Greece has made history..and for what? Please support the crowdfunding campaign to help Greece!

I grew up in Athens, Greece (my father is Greek) and even though it is such a beautiful country and I am very happy to have dual nationality (British), the corruption is so ingrained in people’s day to day lives. There is so much you can get away with in Greece. It seems like laws were only made to be broken there. Especially by the older generations.

Every time I would sit in a car with my Dad I had to remind him to put his seat-belt on. It angered me so much that he was so irresponsible and would talk on his phone while driving, with no seat-belt! This is only one small example.

A lot of people are very laid back in Greece but also very impatient. Things get done last minute and people in power are greedy (as the whole world now knows very well after the recent news).

On the other hand, Greeks are extremely hard working people and always have been. They take pride in their work and their home. It is very sad to see what is happening to so many of my friends & family, especially because they are honest & respectful people who have done everything right. A lot of Greeks are also very polite, generous & hospitable, but unfortunately not everybody knows this. There is good & bad in every part of the world. I really wish it wasn’t this way.

Some of the Greeks of younger generations (20-35) have been trying to undo the bad stuff that the older generations created, but unfortunately it was too little too late . All the greed and tax evasion of people like my father & the politicians have destroyed the country. The corruption found in people is very much a generational thing unfortunately, as is the dysfunction. If the parent of a family lies, cheats, evades tax, drives irresponsibly or is destructive then the likelihood of the son or daughter doing the same is very high. Luckily I have been living abroad for 12 years and very happy doing so. I am half Scottish and proud to also have British blood, as at least It has given me another perspective on life and how best to live it. I never liked the way some Greeks are and felt very uncomfortable to find out that my father was involved in tax evasion, using money that was sourced from criminal activity and so much more.

We all have choices to make in this world, and unfortunately the people who could really make a difference make the wrong ones. I am deeply saddened by injustice and life not being fair. I am saddened that my own father has caused so much harm because of his selfishness, greed & compulsive lying. That the world is full of narcissistic, selfish people that only care about themselves and have never done anything charitable out of the goodness of their hearts! I hate that so many good-hearted, innocent and highly moral people suffer so much because of the evil acts around them.  I’d like to think I am one of the good guys but sometimes I just want to hide in my own little world and pretend that the world is a happy place. I want to make a difference, but I wish everyone else would too.

pretty flower

I’m sure a lot of you would agree..

Here is a little flower I did last night whilst watching the Greek news on the tv.

And here is the link to the crowdfunding page to help the Greek people! What a fantastic idea! If countries outside Europe contribute just a little, then the Greek people will be saved!

Thanks for reading. x

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