This blog has been healing..

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Ever since I joined a couple of support groups for my anxiety awhile back and now for my recovery from trauma, narcissistic abuse and others, I have found it immensely helpful.

What I didn’t realise was how healing it has been for me to have this blog and my facebook support page. I have not only shared my feelings & struggles, but also supported others. This is so valuable! People are made to reach out and connect with others and it is so lovely to see many others do the same. This community of bloggers who share posts about mental health and their own struggles, reduces the stigma and provides incredible validation.

Thank you to all my followers, those I follow and the many many other blogs I haven’t even discovered yet.

❤ to you all

12 thoughts on “This blog has been healing..

  1. Blogging has saved my life. It’s been my therapist and teacher, and at the same time is just a lot of fun. I’ve never been so passionate about any other “hobby,” but it’s way more than just a hobby.

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