Music that saved me


This is a list of songs that I love. Some of these have also got me through some of my darkest moments…I have always listened to lyrics attentively and absolutely adore acoustic guitar.What are you favorites?


1. Glycerine – Bush ( Ultimate favorite song of my teenage years)

2. Sweet child of mine – Guns n roses ( Just rocking!)

3. Tonight- Easyworld ( Breakup)

4. Cemetery- Silverchair (Teenage years)

5.All over you- Live (First boyfriend)

6.Try- Nelly furtado (Breakup)

7.Here without you- Three doors down (Just beautiful)

8. Blurry- Puddle of Mudd ( Break up)

9.Drops of Jupiter-Train ( Relationship)

10.Alright now- David Ford ( Empowerment)

11.Another lonely day-Ben Harper ( Good friend)

12.Motorcycle Drive by- Third eye blind ( Uni days-good friends)

13.These days- Powderfinger ( Australian friends)

14.Use somebody-Kings of Leon ( Just love the tone of voice and rhythm)

15.I don’t feel it anymore-William Fitzsimmons (Pain)

16.Mouthful of Cavities- Blindmelon (Teenage years)

17. Nineteen- Tegan and Sara (Dating)

18. You will never know – Imany (Longing for love)

19.Its been awhile- Staind ( First experience with depression & parental neglect)

20.Anna begins-Counting crows (Uni days)

21.Lover you should’ve come over- Jeff Buckley ( Old lover)

22.Echo- Vertical Horizon ( Happy)

23. Yesterdays- Switchfoot ( Death of a friend)

24.Belief- Gavin Degraw ( Just love the voice)

25. Keep em separated- Offspring (teenage years)

26.Addict- K’s choice (Drugs)

27.Iris-Goo goo dolls (Just beautiful)

28.Straight no chaser – Bush (Teenage years)

29. Whispering wind- Moby (Love the lyrics & used them in an art project)

30.Under the bridge – Ret hot chilli peppers ( Uni days)

31.Daughter- Pearl Jam ( teenage years)

32.Steer- Missy Higgins ( Recovery when newly single)

33.Breathe me – Sia (Touching song & lyrics)

34.Mr Brightside- The killers ( End of relationship & start of a new one)

35.The weren’t there- Miss Higgins (Beautiful lyrics)

36.Just breath – Pearl Jam ( Grateful)

37.Dont cry- Guns n roses ( School years)

38.Time stops- Explosions in the sky ( my favorite instrumental piece of music)

39.Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder ( Just beautiful )

40.Panic – David Ford ( Clever lyrics)

41. Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons (Great song & band)

42. Let her go – Passenger ( Heartwarming)

43. Californication – Red Hot Chilli Peppers ( early adulthood before uni)

44. Hard Enough – The Parlor mob ( Success in life)

45. Somewhere – Missy Higgins (Gorgeous song)

46. Comfort – Teb Talan ( Comforting!!)

11 thoughts on “Music that saved me

  1. Mumford, Bush, Tegan & Sara, Ben Harper, Explosions in the Sky, Sia, Moby, Jeff Buckley, Passenger, The Killers… WOW! You are SO my kinda music chick!! What a lovely playlist this would make!! Excellent taste, my friend. I have two for you that always seem to do it for me. Well, there are MANY others, but I’ll start with two for now. Okay, maybe four. πŸ˜‰

    (I’ll never get sick of this one) – – (Or this one – hopefully you’ll dig it as you’re into Pearl Jam.) πŸ™‚ – (One of my all-time favorite bands.) (Great band!)

    And if you haven’t already, check out Bon Iver (I think you’ll really dig him.) One last thing – Bush was my absolute favorite band growing up, too!! And my very first concert at 16 (Gavin crowd surfed and I touched him, haha!) We were supposed to run into the sunset and get married but Gwen kinda got in the way.. πŸ˜‰ HUGS! ❀

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    • I love Bon Iver..and these tracks you recommended are awesome and I didn’t know them!! Thanks :-)We definetely have similar taste! I also loved loved Gavin and met him when I was a lot older, but hey was still awesome. Gwen and him make an awesome couple at least. Hugs!

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  2. You have a great list of music here. I too am a huge music lover and it has been a very important part of my healing. Music is one of the only things that kept me from going over the deep end when I was in my abusive marriage.

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