Fuchsia inspiration..

IMG_3401 I finally got to the garden center today and got these 2 lovely plants to add some colour to my balcony. This fuchsia colour is very popular at the moment and it’s also a colour I really love. We are having plenty of summer weather here in Germany so perfect for enjoying the outdoors 🙂

I sat on my balcony and thought I’d create a mandala illustration..I wanted to make a few more mandalas after my first attempt 2 years ago..My first mandala drawing was included in the 5 photos of artwork needed for my Art therapy MA interview. I got an unconditional offer 1 day later so was very pleased.

mandala beginningblack mandala tinamandala colour tina   I guess in a way all this artwork is in preparation for my MA next year. I have to figure out what area I would like to specialise in. Art Therapy is helpful for everyone, however there are certain groups that it is particularly helpful for. Some of these are psychotic/schizophrenic clients, anorexics, people or children in palliative care, special needs children or adults, trauma survivors, people suffering from depression/anxiety, people in prison or people with Dementia/Alzheimer’s. I am particularly interested in psychosis & trauma survivors but then again, once I am doing my practical work during my MA this might change. I am very much looking forward to it!


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