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All poetry here is written by me and is Copyright of Child Within – Healing from trauma. Please be respectful if you want to use any or share them. Always quote my poems as written by me. Thank you!


Tears tease the tumultuous calmness of my inner child

transforming it into a beast

 where did innocence go?

hear my heart talking gibberish,

there is guilt engraved inside me

simple thoughts trap, tangle, torment my familiar world

feeding my demons, nourishing your hopeless selfishness,

Your existence is my sorrow,

your bleeding is my death,

I’m handcuffed to the past

you are crying in the future

Will I ever be free?

My mind’s cruel art

demolishes any sculpture of joy

familiarity feels safe,

is safety my illusion?

Dreams don’t lie in repetition

revealing your reality

Unlocking the key to my sanity

grieving your brutal honesty

I cherish me

hope is in my heart

like a snake’s skin I shed you

little by little

I am free..


I don’t know where I’m going
I think i’m nearly there
I always want to be in charge
to feed my soul’s despair

Its always in my thoughts
to live my days with love
and be without a worry
and find my peace above

I trust that art will save me
and music will keep me sane
I’ve got no reason to lose
and I’ve got no person to blame

I want to feel carefree
and keep the fear away
creating and defining
a perfect place to play

Life is what you make it
love is how you learn
happiness is in our minds
and trust is what you earn..


I am small, so small in this big big world,

I am a river, with no direction

I am a tree, with no roots

I am a heart, with no heartbeat

I am alive, but buried

I am loved, but alone

I am secure, but afraid,

I am me, but who am I?

I am a speck of light, in a long dark tunnel…….

I am part of you but you are nothing like me..

A poem of hope

Whatever it is, don’t worry
Whatever it is, you’ll be fine

Pain is part of the hurry,
the hurry to live and stop crying.

Whatever it is, just accept it
Whatever it is, you’ll be fine

Open your eyes to the wisdom,
the wisdom of healing is trying

Whatever it was, don’t worry
whatever it was, you are fine

The past is not there to haunt you,
it reminds you, you are here and strong

A beginning of an end

You still have a hold on my life,

You still control my right

Over and over and over again,

When will it end?

You are dragging me along your bumpy road,

You are making me feel so distant and cold.

A beginning of an end,

An end of a beginning

I wish you would just move on,

I wish you would just be strong

I wish you could be a real friend,

And not make my new start the end.

I wish I could help what I feel,

I wish I could pretend it’s not real.

A beginning of an end,

An end of a beginning?

Time will tell,

Time will heal.


What is it my friend? I keep you safe and hold your soul

Your eyes are shut, your face is pale,

You are letting go, you live in darkness

The light pieces your dark skin, it hurts, you hide

Winter is your peace, summer is your demon.

What scares you so much?

I’ll always be holding your soul

You are special, you are alive

You are my inspiration, you are a fighter.

You open your eyes to the sun’s rays

You smile, you feel, you’ve become whole again.

Your beauty is blinding,

it overcomes your mind’s cruel art,
you soul’s darkness.

You have become a ray of light
you will always be my spark.

Self Destruction

A gaze at the present, a flash of the past,
moments of joy, which shattered like glass.
Two friends, two happy faces
with dreams to fulfill
two friends now like strangers,
wasted needles and pills.
Regressing those days, the innocence, the laughter
but it all went wrong, you chose your disaster.
Deceived by the fix, you thought was a blast
became an obsession, you craved for more fast
Your eyes always bloodshot, your bodies so frail,
your expressions like ice, your faces so pale.
The sight of you hurts me, it fills me with tears,
cause I know for sure that your death will be near…

Suicidal boy

Did u know that boy?
He was a shadow.

Does he live in peace?
Is he happy?

He was a coward in a brave way,
he was a desperate soul.

I fell in love with his gentle ways,
his silent conversations.

His eyes spoke of acceptance,
His heart signaled a warning.

He was too gentle, yet suspicious.
He was quiet but screaming.

He is not a shadow anymore….

mandala b w better                                                                  My healing mandala

Copyright – Child Within – Healing from trauma

If you want to use these poems please reblog, or mention my name.

Do not use as your own!


6 thoughts on “My Poetry

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  2. In “Perseverance”, the first line ‘Tears tease the tumultuous calmness of my inner child’ is amazing. I like how you have “tumultuous” and “calmness” next to each other because it is so true. It truly shows what is going on inside of us.

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  3. Journey: You are a master with words. I love how you start this poem. It shows that place where we know something at the same time that we don’t know it. Something we all struggle with and it makes us feel crazy until we learn to own it. Great poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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