Useful youtube videos

I composed this list of useful videos, which I have found very informative and useful over the last few years. I hope to start doing youtube videos very soon as well but for now, maybe you will also find these helpful!

1.Video of a support group for The other childwho has a sibling with special needs

Sometimes people have no idea how much the other sibling suffers when their special needs sibling gets all the attention. I grew up feeling extremely alone and unloved as my brother had special needs and my needs always came second. I wasn’t allowed to express anger, sadness or any other emotion.“>

2. Video about 20 signs you are with a covert narcissist – By the Spartan Life coach

3.Video about Neural pathways-Biology of change – by Ask Victoria“>

4. Video about Toxic shame – by Dr Lauren Costine“>

5. Video on Love addiction– by Alex Katehakis“>