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My dearest friend Lottie started this Run.Rabbit.Run.PTSD award

The wonderful nominated me for this award and I am really grateful. Both bloggers are remarkable writers in their own right.

Please check out their blogs as listed above.

Thank you  for considering me for this award, that previously was known as the Blogger Recognition Award.

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I started blogging over a year ago now, as a way to heal from the discovery that both my parents have narcissistic personality disorder. It was a very painful time for me, as my father had just attempted suicide, so I was suffering with really bad ptsd. Since then I have shared my experiences, courage & hope in my journey of grieving the healthy parents I never had and growing in confidence & self-compassion.

I have since qualified as a life coach, specialising in supporting others in their journey of healing from narcissistic abuse and try to be a mental health advocate for Complex PTSD in particular and reducing the stigma associated with recovery.

The advice I would give new bloggers is to give your fellow bloggers a chance. It is mostly a loving & supportive community. Be supportive to others as well as writing your own posts. Take the time to acknowledge what others have written and leave comments when you can. Friendships can be formed through the blogging world and healing is a huge part of it for those with mental illness.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

They have all had struggles with mental health, so as a mental health advocate I would like to give them the attention they deserve.

Love Athina ♥




The Blogger Recognition Award


I would like to express my deepest thanks to Hubby1979 and Bittersweet1976 & their blog , for nominating me for The Blogger Recognition Award. They are a wonderful married couple who write about their struggles with depression. The blog is in the style of writing letters to each other about their feelings, which is a lovely, unique way of sharing their journey with the blogging world.

I’d also like to thank them for reblogging my post ‘Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome’, especially because this is something so many people have experienced and it’s very important to raise awareness.

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I initially had started a blog under the same name on I had a huge falling out with my narcissistic mother, after years of keeping my mouth shut and holding my feelings in. I spent the whole Christmas & New Year in 2014 coming to terms with my new found knowledge of narcissistic abuse & grieving the mother I never had. Starting a blog in January 2015 was a way for me to cope with the realisation that I never had a healthy mother (& father).

My blog here on wordpress was created in June 2015 after a very difficult time following my father’s suicide attempt. I spent 2 weeks of utter hell in and out of hospital in ICU and then getting him admitted to a psychiatric hospital for the 2nd week. My father is a narcissist and  a very controlling and self destructive person. He had been severely depressed for 2 years and hadn’t wanted to see a regular therapist. He is also married to a narcissist who is half his age and a gold-digger. The toxic environment he lived in & the lack of support from his wife, lead to his eventual suicide attempt.

Blogging has become a very important part of my life as it is very healing for me and also provides knowledge & and support to many other bloggers with a similar background.

I also want to reduce the stigma of mental illness, share my knowledge & experience of narcissistic abuse and the subsequent recovery of complex trauma.


I would say:

1. Write from the heart and always respect other peoples’ writing and journey.

2. Be friendly, say Hi to your fellow bloggers and re-blog posts that you find very interesting or helpful.

3. Pay any kindness forward!

Lastly, I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

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