Update on my father

I realise it’s been over a year since I last wrote on here about my father..

Life has been hectic, busy, tiring and unpredictable..

In my last post, I wrote about my Dad being in hospital after a major heart attack..

I wrote about my Dad finally divorcing his gold-digging wife..

What I didn’t write about was that my father ended up having triple bypass surgery and just before this surgery, his wife was by his side every day manipulating him and managed to convince him to marry her again. She knew that there was a high probability that he might die, so she wanted to make sure she was financially covered. By being married to him again, she could get his full pension if he did die and she could also continue to bleed him dry financially. I have no idea how on earth she managed to do this whilst he was in hospital but in Greece anything is possible..All she needed to do was give the town Mayor some extra money and beg him to let her marry him, as he could die..

So my Dad is once again married and had the triple bypass surgery..He survived but it took him 2 days to come out of the coma, as it was huge surgery and he was very weak..It affected his mental health to an extreme and his clinical depression got so much worse..He was delirious, confused and in a constant state of anxiety..Once he was stabilised physically and the heart surgeon was happy with his progress, he was moved by his wife to the same psychiatric clinic he was in a few years ago, after his suicide attempt.. I wasn’t able to speak to him or call him, as his wife wasn’t allowing him to speak to me.. I got so fed up of trying to get in touch with him and not being able to I finally decided to fly out and see him (January 2019), as I was very concerned about him..It had been almost 3 years since I had last properly seen him so I was extremely nervous..

I spent 2 nights in a hotel close to the clinic and asked my Dad’s colleague to advise me when to go..

It was very stressful seeing him in the state he was in.. His wife was there and I was on guard when I arrived, as I thought she would cause a scene.. Luckily, although things were uncomfortable I focused on seeing my Dad..He was extremely unwell looking..Skinny, pale, confused and anxious.. He was crying all the time and was constantly agitated..His teeth had all rotted and I couldn’t believe how unwell he looked..

After speaking to the doctors, they explained that the triple bypass surgery had worsened his mental health.. He was put on 5 different psych medications and it took nearly 2 months to stabilise him.. Because he had been in hospital for 3 months, he had muscle wastage so he wasn’t able to walk… So he needed complete support with his personal care and using the toilet.. Luckily his wife, was there supporting him despite her financial intentions in the long run..

I flew home and accepted that I had done my part visiting him… Although it was very distressing, I made peace with the fact that I saw him, in case something happened and he deteriorated again..

As months went on and he finally went home with his wife, he still wasn’t able to walk and physiotherapy wasn’t working.. He was still very weak and specialists said that his Type II diabetes had damaged nerves in his legs and his spine was also in a terrible state due to his scoliosis and unhealthy lifestyle.

We were on speaking terms and I had to call his wife’s mobile, if I wanted to speak to him.. Eventually he was able to use his mobile again and wasn’t as confused anymore..His wife was still controlling him but in a way, she was also protecting him as he was reckless..He wanted to drive his car although his legs were weak and his left eye had poor visibility.. He actually drove once and crashed into a parked car without even realising..

The diabetes had also damaged part of his brain, which apparently caused the depression and confusion..He is more reckless in general and isn’t well enough to be making healthy decisions unfortunately..

In October 2019, I decide to fly out again and see him..I wanted to see where he was living and how things were at home with his wife.. I wanted to witness her behaviour towards him and whether he was still being manipulated..By the time I flew out to Greece, my father had left her again and was staying with a friend..Apparently she had been making unreasonable money demands again, for jewellery over £2000 etc..

I saw him for 2 days again and we had lunch like we used to 4 years ago, before everything went down hill…Although he was still unable to walk properly, I tried discussing certain important things with him. He was still unable to have a healthy conversation in many ways and there were still elements of confusion but at least there wasn’t any nastiness.. He kept saying he didn’t want to get back with his wife but then as soon as I returned home, he said that she spoke to a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist advised that my father got back with her for the sake of my 13 year old half-brother..

They have since been together and there haven’t been any more dramas but time will tell..

His health is still fragile but at least his heart is a little better..

I have decided to keep things civil with him..

Things are calm at the moment and for that I am grateful..

Until next time..

Thanks for reading!

Love Athina ♥

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