Another Hitler leads America.

Waking up to the news of Donald Trump as president this morning is truly disappointing. Am I suprised? Not really…

Brexit was already disheartening this year, and as someone who is half Scottish, half Greek I feel extremely saddened by the ignorant hatred the world seems to be enthralled in.

Here in Germany, it is hard to ignore the similarity of Trump and Hitler..

History is once again repeating itself..Humans will never learn..


Malignant narcissism is destructive..Trump has no ounce of remorse for his actions and his statements have been openly racist and misogynistic.

In my eyes, people are equal, no matter what race, class, disability or sexual orientation.

I have friends and family that are diverse and I have the greatest respect for the empaths & open-minded people of this world.

I am very concerned about the future of this world and where it is headed once again..

Every single person in my life who has NPD has been hurtful, disrespectful, manipulative & controlling..

This includes both my parents, ex-partners, ex-friends and ex-employers.

It is completely understandable for this reason to not feel comfortable with most politicians of this world. They are the ones that have the most power to make decisions in our world and this is where the fear lies..There is already racism and war going on every day and so many people are already suffering irrevocably.

Humans are the biggest destroyers of our world..

I feel deeply saddened to be one.


17 thoughts on “Another Hitler leads America.

  1. From seeing the new this morning in the UK, seeing Trump win, I thought oh my god. There is going to be trouble. If it turns out I am wrong in this, I shall be surprised.

    If I was a citizen in America at the time of voting, to be honest, I would not have wanted either. I would have wanted a third choice. But as there wasn’t, then I definietly would not have voted trump.


  2. I don’t even know what to say….It was a shitty election year, with a devastating outcome. This weighs heavy in my heart and I am scared. I guess that’s what it boils down to, I am just plain scared of the ramifications of this man as president and the concept that he could actually be re-elected in four years.


  3. I was still awake at 4 am having anxiety over the entire thing. I actually thought the world would go black and horrible things would happen so I just lay there, that’s how upset I was. So I understand.

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  4. I am disgusted just looking at his winning face.
    So True. He is HITLER Reborn for America’s Future.
    How can the citizens of America Vote for such a person. Are they gone crazy or were they given huge sums of money to cat their Vote ? Or maybe the REAL TRUE AMERICANS, Did Not Go to Vote ?
    Sickening!! The Humans will pay for their Wrong. But poor Innocent people will also suffer.

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