Braunschweig and the Happiest house in the world :-)

Hubby and I are back safely from our trip celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. It took a little longer to reach our destination (4,5 hours rather than 3,5). We did it the old fashioned way as we don’t have a sat nav yet and hubby doesn’t seem to want to get one either.

After we arrived, we checked into our hotel for a quick toilet break and cup of tea. The hotel was The Best Western Stadt Palais of Braunschweig which I highly recommend. The room was perfect and even had a kettle, which isn’t something most German hotels have.

The hotel was extremely central luckily so we found everything we needed within a 5 min walk.We had a very quick lunch as it was already 14:30 and then immediately started our exploring of the city. Hubby wanted to walk around to see what he could remember from the 90’s and we then went to his old house and school. 20 years is a long time to not have seen a place you lived at as a child. The house was exactly the same and he remembered it well. Everything looked a lot smaller than when he was a 12 year old kid but he generally had a good feeling about it. The town in general was extremely impressive and had such huge variety in regards to eating out, shopping and sights.

Our ultimate favourite tourist attraction of course was the Rizzi house which we visited first. This was one of the newest additions to the town as it was built in 2001. I absolutely loved the pop art style and the windows were all like giant cookie cutters in different shapes. There were so many cute features such as little birds, hearts and funny faces.

I have added several photos for you to check out!

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After the Rizzi house, we strolled around the rest of the town and these are a few more of my fave photos.

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If you ever visit Germany, then Braunschweig was one of my favourite cities πŸ™‚

Love Athina β™₯

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