2 year wedding anniversary roadtrip

Dear friends,

Hubby and I are driving off tomorrow morning to one of the old towns he lived in from the ages of 5-13. This town is here in Germany and is called Braunschweig. He hasn’t been back there for 20 years so it will be an incredible experience for him to revisit his old neighbourhood.

He remembers it as a lovely town which has one of the happiest houses in the world known as The Happy Rizzi House. The colours and design are by New York pop artist James Rizzi with the help of architect Konrad Kloster.

This is a photo of it below and I am looking forward to seeing it for myself. The heart shaped windows are adorable and it looks like the sort of house you would see in Cartoons.



Hubby and I spend our 1st wedding anniversary last year in New York, while he was there for work for 6 weeks and this year we are spending it in Germany but in 2 different cities. Tomorrow will be Braunschweig, where the Rizzi House is situated and on our actual anniversary on Saturday we are spending the day in Hannover.We are also visiting an old neighbour and friend who has just bought her first home there.

Since getting married I have had to deal with a lot of grief and trauma due to my father’s suicide attempt and my subsequent estrangement from him and through also having to accept that both my parents have NPD.

The pain has luckily lessened a great deal and hubby and I have made a lot of progress adjusting to life without any parents. All we have are our close friends and each other.

It is very important for us to create happy memories on our anniversaries each year, as we don’t want to think of our first 2 years of marriage as the toughest, due to all the stress we experienced.

The Rizzi house will make us smile and spending part of our anniversary with a wonderful friend on Saturday is the perfect way to celebrate our married life together.

Love Athina ♥


8 thoughts on “2 year wedding anniversary roadtrip

  1. What a lovely post 😊😘 I hope you have a well deserved fantastic time there! That place looks amazing. Germany generally looks really nice from the pictures you’ve shared on your blog. You have been through a lot in this early phase of marriage but I can tell how strong you are as a couple. It’s lovely to see 😁❤💖 Happy anniversary! 🙌😘


    • Thank you my lovely! I am definetely not worried about us as a couple! We have been each others’ rock and now that poor hubby has also experienced anxiety and low mood, I am guiding him through all the ups and downs with my CPTSD expertise! 😉 ..It has brought us closer together and he now has more compassion towards my mental health struggles. This 2 day roadtrip away will be very good for us! Your words mean so much to me! Thank you ❤

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