Manipulation tactics used by Narcissists & Psychopaths

In this video, I talk about the most destructive manipulation tactics used by these toxic individuals.

Love Athina ♥♥♥



5 thoughts on “Manipulation tactics used by Narcissists & Psychopaths

  1. I can totally identify with all the methods used. It was as if you were describing my mother to me.
    Over the years the manipulation and lies grew to despicable lengths so that eventually I broke off all contact with my parents as their narcissism was so unhealthy for me and for my children too. Now we have moved away from the area and I haven’t shared my whereabouts. It is the next big step in recovering from years of narcissistic abuse. Slowly I am feeling the chains that were binding me loosening and I feel I finally have my life back.
    Your blog is inspiring and I wish I’d found it a few years ago.

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  2. Thank you for this video. This is the first one (but not the last) that I have watched. Previously, I guess I really didn’t know what were the true characteristics of a narcissist, but while watching this video, you were very clearly describing my mother. She continued on with this behavior even as she was dying, telling me that I wanted her boyfriend to put her in a nursing home, because I didn’t love her. Um, well, guess what Mom? You did not love yourself, therefore I didn’t love you, nor did I love myself. ✋🏻

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