CPTSD= Courage Progress Tenacity Survival Determination

In honour of World Suicide Prevention Awareness Day, which is today (10th September) I am re-blogging this from my other blog!
Complex PTSD & PTSD can lead to suicide if left untreated…
Just for Today, replace it with a bit more positivity..
Be honest about how difficult the journey of healing is but give yourself a pat on the back for all the low points you managed to survive..

Courage Coaching


Healing from PTSD is tough! Healing from Complex PTSD is even tougher.

In honour of World Suicide Prevention Awareness Day, I want to tell every single one of you survivors out there that you can look at your PTSD & CPTSD differently, just for today! ♥


Love ♥ Athina

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2 thoughts on “CPTSD= Courage Progress Tenacity Survival Determination

  1. I like your word translations for CPTSD, but I’m afraid I’m not anywhere close to seeing those ideals. I don’t know how long it will take. I have to stop being afraid of other peoples reactions, and realize that they are not going to shut the door in my face. They are not going to leave me, they are going to help me, to love me. I just wish I could believe even that…


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