Trip to London Monday

I’m sitting on my balcony with a nice cup of jasmine tea, watching the birds fly from tree to tree. Our home here in Germany is surrounded by trees and grass and it truly is the most tranquil place I have ever lived. The Rheinland is beautiful, especially in the autumn and since buying our new car we have enjoyed the endless freedom we now have. Our car is only 5 months old and before we got it, we were already in Germany for 2 years without a car! Looking back on that time, I don’t know how we did it to be honest!

Now that the summer has ended and the days will continue to get shorter, it is comforting to know that we have a car for when the weather starts getting miserable. I am not a big fan of the dark and generally feel uneasy walking alone in the dark. I have already experienced 2 scary incidents with men. One of them being a minor sexual assault and the other one being rather odd and unexpected!Someone tried to steal the car I was sitting in, when my ex-boyfriend jumped out briefly to grab something from his home. It was dark and the street wasn’t well lit, so when the guy opened the car door and got in the drivers seat, he didn’t expect to see me sitting next to him in the passenger seat. We were both sitting there in utter shock to what seemed like the longest 20 sec of my life! He then said sorry and luckily ran away, just as my boyfriend was coming back out of the house!

As most women feel vulnerable walking alone at night, I am sure you can relate to how scary it can feel at times.

Anyhow, since hubby is away again for 15 days, I decided to go to London for 3 days to see friends & family. It is a great break from the isolation I sometimes feel here in Germany. I always miss my 2 homes, Greece and the UK. I lived in both for more than 11 years and since I am bicultural, they are both obviously a big part of who I am. I have friends and family in both, whereas here in Germany we only have my husband’s aunt, who we only see twice a year. I only have 1 friend nearby, so life here is very different to what I am used to. Although I enjoy spending lots of time at home, I do enjoy having varied friends around to meet up with and have a good chat. That isn’t really an option here in Germany. My husband is also a big introvert, so he generally feels happier on his own or with me. I on the other hand, would enjoy seeing friends more often.

Now that I have shared my social preferences with you, maybe you might enjoy doing the same? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or do you think you are somewhere in the middle?

I would say that I feel energised around other people, but only with friends that I can be myself with. I am definetely somewhere in the middle, although my lifestyle is more that of an introvert, due to my husband being one.

I’d love to hear a little more about your preferences..

Love Athina ♥


7 thoughts on “Trip to London Monday

  1. Some people can be introverted due to social anxiety. This has created a false perception amongst many that every introvert is isolated and miserable. Some folks just prefer to be by themselves. I think it’s healthiest to be in the middle somewhere; around friends you know and trust, you can let your guard down a bit, but when you’re alone, you feel comfortable in your own skin.
    By the by, Athina, you and I began blogging at about the same time, and reading your last few posts you seem much happier and more confident, which I think is wonderful. Best wishes.

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you are well too. I am definetely much happier at the moment with life in general. Things are calm which is almost unnerving. I am not used to it! You are so right about the social anxiety. I have experienced this too at times. Generally though I am content both on my own and with friends, so I feel ok. Best wishes to you too x

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  2. Interesting post lovely. I’m an introvert though good at pretending to enjoy social contact. It’s an act though. I’d rather be alone, in my pjamas. 😊😘❤

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    • Yep, a slightly different post at the moment..Not feeling too inspired with my usual. Aww, you are just like my hubby, which is totally ok 🙂 I enjoy both..Although, the older I get, the more selective I become with who I want to spend time with. ❤ ❤ 🙂

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  3. I am decidedly an introvert. I have no close friends, and no one comes to visit. Some days I only leave my apartment to go to the mailbox. Sometimes, I also go out to the grocery store. But most of the time, I sit right here in my recliner, laptop in my lap (Of course! Where else would I put it?), and Netflix on the TV. I just started a new series on Netflix, so that will keep me occupied for awhile. 😶


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