Signs you may have been emotionally neglected

This is a wonderfully helpful blog post from a felow survivor of abuse. It lists all the signs that indicate emotional neglect. A very insightful post! x

Emerging From The Dark Night

When I first got into sobriety and began to look at the things that led to my addiction it was hard to see what had happened to lead me to this state.  I seemed to come from a good home, albeit one in which there had been a lot of tragedy.  I didn’t really abuse others, although I know my drinking was a source of concern to close friends at the time.  It was more that I carried a deep fear of ever getting close to anyone and this knowing fuelled by alcohol didn’t help me in anyway. I didn’t have much awareness of my emotions at all and as I look back I know how deeply the emotions I did carry were buried.

I was not fully aware then just how powerful my fears of loss and being abandoned again were.  I now know they stem back to the younger…

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