Tomorrow I am reunited with my love


Dear followers,

I apologise for being a little quiet in regards to blogging regularly..It isn’t always easy keeping up with 2 blog sites, 2 facebook pages, twitter, instagram and creating YouTube videos. Sometimes I wonder why I have so many sites! (For links to all of those check out my other blog, if you are interested) :

I have also been keeping busy with exercise recently as my gym has moved round the corner from my house, so my motivation to go 4 times a week has gone up! Hoorah 🙂 A friend has also decided to join the gym which helps even more with the motivation!

For the last 2 weeks, I have been alone here in Germany whilst hubby has been busy working in NY. My routine has been thrown out the window and my sleeping pattern has been awful.I guess my mind & body are very much aware that hubby is away. Nobody to hug at night makes a difference when you are inseparable the rest of the time.

Tomorrow lunchtime he will be home and I am super happy..I value having him in my life so much, that I am grateful every single day. He will be back for 2,5 weeks and then away again for another 2 weeks from the 1st of September. Luckily on the 5th of September I fly to London to visit family & friends for 3 nights, which will make my time a little more enjoyable.

How do you cope when your partner is away? and if you don’t have a partner, do you live on your own? with parents or friends?

I’d love to get to know some of my new followers a little better , as I really appreciate you connecting with me.

Love Athina ♥




12 thoughts on “Tomorrow I am reunited with my love

  1. I am single and live only with a cat. She lets me live here as long as I pay the rent. Ok. So what do with all my time, since I have some disabilities that prevent me from working? My day starts after breakfast, eaten while still sitting in the kitchen with no table. Then I go to my laptop. My routine is read all my blogger’s posts, and clear the junk from my email, then sit and binge on online Sudoku and Netflix shows from one episode the next and the next. The only regular TV I watch is Forensic Files, which I put on when I go to bed, and actually listen more than watch,

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    • Sometimes even though it is tough to trust and allow ourselves to get close to others, it is important to remember that there are many, very kind individuals out there who also suffer with mental health issues and want to give & receive love..Don’t lose hope..I have been there too..Sometimes we find love in others who can also relate to our suffering..x

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  2. It’s nice that you’re looking forward to seeing him. 🙂 I’m currently living with my ‘dad’ and step family, as I have nowhere else to go, but as soon as I’m able to, I’m getting the hell out of here. I wish they would go away for 2 weeks. Or better yet, until I have my own place.


    • Thanks Rayne 💖 I am so grateful..I really can relate to living at home with family and I hope you have many coping mechanisms in place to survive it! I will keep my fingers crossed for you to eventually manage to leave and either share with flatmates or have your own flat.. ( I shared with flatmates for many years in London before meeting hubby and it was at times quite comforting.x x

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  3. I had toxic parents and i’m an introvert.Now i’m single in my own flat and it’s heaven on earth for me.I count my blessings every day.Not in my wildest dreams did i imagine that i’d ever be free from abuse.Now i do what i like,i eat what i want and so on.I wake up in the morning,i check my inbox which is full of happy and positive links (i follow many bloggers). Charged with optimism,i go out into the park,no matter the weather,be it sunshine or rain,no matter the season.There i meditate under a tree for hours.Then i go to my favourite place and i eat all my favorite meals,followed by something sweet,usually cake or icecream or a milkshake.Then i go home and watch tv and feel good movies.I go to sleep at peace with myself.To fall asleep and then wake up in my own bed and not my abusers’,i can’t believe my eyes.First thing in the morning,i check to see if my beautiful reality is still there.And it is.THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING HE GAVE ME!!!!!!

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  4. For a long time my husband traveled 4 days a week for over two years. Now it’s more sporadic but when he is gone I dive into things I don’t always have time for when he is home. I like to stay up late and read. He likes to go to sleep relatively early. So I read or study or write late into the night until I’m exhausted. I deep clean. Things like that. I’ve learned to look forward to the time alone to refresh myself. Unless its a particularly busy time with our children and I have to manage that all on my own. Then it’s hard and I miss him even more! I use the time for personal growth.

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