It is wrong to silence survivors of abuse

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As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, and in honour of some of my followers who are also survivors of abuse, I want to do a short but very important post today about the unfortunate shaming & silencing that happens to survivors.


It is absolutely horrendous to deny someone of their right to freely talk about their abuse and to deny them the ability to heal.Every time a survivor talks about the abuse to someone who validates them and acknowledges their pain, there is a small layer of healing taking place.

On the other hand, every time a survivor shares their story and isn’t believed, is shamed for not forgiving their abuser or is told to not go public about their abuse, it is destructive & extremely painful. It shows that the person shaming the survivor lacks empathy & understanding for the pain & trauma they have been through. It is…

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4 thoughts on “It is wrong to silence survivors of abuse

  1. I personally have experienced the pain from opening up about my childhood sexual abuse by my own father. It went on for years, and I couldn’t tell no one, for fear of the consequences for speaking out. I am glad to say that I have been able to open up more, to my therapists, and through my writings and interactions with other survivors, and it has been and still is a great healing process. It (he) no longer holds power over me, but I still have a long road ahead of me.


  2. Silencing survivors compounds our sense of learned helplessness and gets in the way of healing. Abuse takes place in silence and it’s so important for us to find our voice. I was silenced for 50 years until my mother died in May. I am now liberated and able to talk openly about what happened. I pray others will find their voice as well.

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