Codependents & Narcissists in a relationship. Why are they so attracted to each other?

This might be helpful to some of you! Re-blogged from my Coaching page! ❤

Courage Coaching

Happy Monday to all of you! It’s the 1st of August today and time seems to have flown by so quickly!

Today’s post is about another topic very close to my heart, due to my own healing journey from codependency to healthy love. It most definetely wasn’t easy to get to where I am. It required perseverance, determination and a little bit of hope.

Despite my traumatic childhood, I always hoped that healthy love was possible, so I never gave up trying. You shouldn’t give up either!

The below steps are best taken when in therapy. Having a therapist who specialises in healing from codepedency is important.

  • The first step to changing dysfunctional patterns of behaviour, is becoming AWARE that your choices or actions are dysfunctional.
  • The second step to changing dysfunction is understanding the source of the dysfunction, so where did it come from? (with the help of mental…

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