My Coaching page

To all my wonderful followers,

As some of you know I also have a newer blog which you can find here:

I started this page so I can offer people the opportunity to have life coaching. I focus on cognitive behavioural coaching which addresses both unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviour. I believe it is important to encourage self-compassion, self-acceptance & I always aim to provide my clients with a sense of validation. As somebody who has experienced huge changes in their life & who is also a survivor of parental narcissistic abuse, my focus in coaching is on breaking free from dysfunctional relationships & learning to self-soothe in a healthy way.

I also create YouTube videos and it is extremely important for me to reach more people through this platform, as I can create videos based on people’s requests and areas of difficulty.

If you have a lot of followers on your blog or on youTube and think that they might benefit from my channel then I would hugely appreciate it, if you could pass this link on:

Much love Athina ♥


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