1 year on Wordpress today!

my child within - Healing from trauma 2016-06-04 16-16-53

When I started blogging a year ago today, I was in a very dark place going through yet another traumatic event in my family. I was able to write about my experiences and also help others through the things I learned. This year has been invaluable in my healing.

I want to thank you all for following and supporting me through this journey.

I also want to thank all recent followers for joining my little world!

I never thought I could have discussed such personal experiences with people I hardly know and yet feel so validated and heard.

With the progress I have managed to make in my recovery, I am now able to continue paying it forward through a second blogging platform and the creation of a brand new Youtube channel. If I can also reach at least a couple of people through there, I will be eternally humbled.

As a Scottish/Greek living in Germany with little German, it has been difficult to get work. My Complex PTSD makes it very difficult for me to find the motivation to learn German properly, especially since I find the language very difficult. My short-term memory is terrible and I have only really been able to invest time and energy in training to become a Life Coach, as helping others is something that I derive great joy from.It is always easier to learn things you enjoy and are passionate about.

If you haven’t already figured it out, this is also my blog: https://couragecoaching.wordpress.com/

and brand new YouTube channel :


I thought it was appropriate to reveal these to you on my 1 year WordPress anniversary!

Lots of love β™₯


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