Take control of your own healing

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FontCandy (38)Every healing journey is unique to each person. No journey should be judged, minimised or discounted.

Whether it is childhood abuse, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, domestic abuse, grief, a single trauma or multiple traumas, nobody has the right to criticize someone else’s journey.

If you have compassion and maybe share what helped you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will help others in the same way. Having compassion and empathy is so crucial. Listening, without trying to fix is also important.

After you reach a certain point in your healing, you will notice that things get easier. The intensity of certain emotions lessen and your sense of self-protection and boundaries are solid. If you suffer from a mental illness, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will go away. You eventually just learn to accept that it is a part of you and that you can handle it in a self-compassionate way.

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2 thoughts on “Take control of your own healing

  1. I have reached a point where I mostly have good days. I am able to accept things much easier than I used to. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any bad days, because I do. When it gets really bad, I get on the phone and talk with my therapist. I only see her every two weeks now, and at first I was appalled at the thought of that. But as the weeks have passed, it has become easier. I have found other ways to help soothe myself, and if that doesn’t work, I call her. My abusers are gone now, I live in another part of the country, where I have made new memories. I never forgave my father and that haunted me for years, until after my mother passed and I learned I could still forgive them. That was an important step in my healing process.


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