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my self-care chart - courage coaching

When you are struggling from a mental illness, self-care can sometimes take a back seat.

You forget or are unable to eat properly. You have trouble sleeping which then results in not having the motivation and energy to do much at all. You can become more isolated when trying to cope and can even forget to ask for support.

This little chart above gives you a little insight into the important things to consider.

The 2 most important are of course physical and mental self-care. If you can manage to keep these in check, then you will most likely be able to socialise, work and be part of your community.

If you feel that there are any areas of self-care that you are particularly struggling with, then please let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to help you come up with an easy action plan, that…

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4 thoughts on “Self-care chart

  1. I struggle with self-care part, especially hygiene and remembering to eat. Four days a week I have an aide come in to help me with housekeeping/hygiene, and only two out of those four days do they actually get me in the shower. They all do try to get me to eat during the morning, but unless I get a huge sugar drop, I never think to take time to eat during the day. It used to be that I didn’t eat at all until dinner, and I would forget either or both, noon and 5pm meds, anywhere from two to five or more times a week. I have started keeping the next dose at my side, so that when the alarm goes off they are right there for me to take. I haven’t missed a dose in the last two weeks!


    • I am really glad you have some support..Self-care is something people take for granted when they are healthy but when they are not, they realise how much of a problem it can become. I found it very hard to eat when I was clinically depressed..Would only manage small things like a fruit here and there.I am very glad you haven’t missed a dose of your medication for 2 weeks! Having an alarm and keeping them close to you is an excellent idea!

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