A stranger’s kindness means the world

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How many of you can relate to meeting people that you hardly know and feeling touched by their kindness & empathy. Empathy isn’t something that can be faked. It shines through!The way a person talks, the way they smile or the way they listen can recharge your lonely batteries and fill your heart with hope. A true gem of a person is loved by many and is also incredibly sensitive and emotional. They are a thoughtful, gentle person who offers to help without anything in it for them. They do it because they feel your need, they sense your struggle and they are fulfilled by offering what they can.

I’ve experienced this feeling with my therapists and with very distant family. I’ve experienced this from wonderful doctors in moments of illness. I’ve experienced this from complete strangers on the street where I once fainted due to heat stroke.There are many moments in my life which have been made easier and more bearable due to people who have genuinely cared. Some of these people I am also privileged to call my followers on this blogging platform and other social media.

When someone understands you and there is a true connection, it is treasured. Unfortunately this isn’t felt with people who have NPD, even if they are family.There is a huge difference between helping someone with money, donating to charity or supporting someone with superficial means. This isn’t the same as having true empathy.

I am very much aware of the difference over the years as I instantly feel energised and supported if I am with the right people and low and depleted when in contact with toxic people or family members.

The love of strangers can sometimes save us from utter devastation and complete self-destruction. I value these people more than they will ever know. I value YOU!

If you are in the mood for a wonderful film that will possibly bring tears to your eyes, then check out the link below::





10 thoughts on “A stranger’s kindness means the world

    • I believe that sometimes people believe fake empaths because they are vulnerable or really need to believe they care.This is especially the case with narcissistic parents. I grew up thinking my father was a very caring person because he talked about people’s misfortunes and always looked genuinely upset. He helped out a lot of people over the years but I found out later that it was only with money! I was very wrong but wanted to desperately believe he was kind..

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      • Sometimes false truths helps people get though tough times. I do believe people with self esteem issues as you mentioned have these issues. Denial keeps these people “happy.”


  1. True.Strangers’ kindness helped me overcome the grief caused by my abusive parents.They helped me enormously to stay sane when i thought that i would go crazy.While i was still living with my abusers,i feared that,one day my brain would collapse; that i would wake up one morning and that i would no longer be able to control my mind,that i would start a delirium.All my life,i looked for a surrogate mother and father.I found those missing and longed for parental figures among all sorts of people:friends,facebook friends,blog authors that deal with the issue with abuse.

    My narc parents are violent and addicted to anger.I asked them why people on the street are so calm and peaceful.They replied that i don’t know these people personally,that i don’t see them in their home,in their private life.I don’t know how they behave when nobody watches them.They concluded that it’s just a false public image and that there’s no such thing as true kindness.Are my parents right?


    • Your parents maybe never knew kindness from their parents..or they were just saying this to you to keep you attached to them and their opinions.It is very manipulative to act in such a way. Healthy parents would want their children to be happy and would allow them to find happiness and warmth in many other people. They would not be envious and controlling! I am sorry you had such an awful childhood but I am happy that you found kindness in others. This is what ultimately shows us the difference.Best Wishes to you


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