Can’t Stop Intrusive Thoughts?


cloud-trouble-100366532-primary.idge“Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

1. Check in with your surroundings
If you are being bombarded by intrusive thoughts, it is important to ground yourself using your sense of vision. Your visual sense is the easiest to remember when you are under attack. Look around you, describe the colors and shapes you see. You can do this out loud, or to yourself. Also, look around and find words written on books, magazines or billboards. Read backwards the letters of these words out loud, or to yourself. When reading letters backwards, you cannot stay focused on the intrusive thoughts.

2. Find your breath
During the onslaught of intrusive thoughts, take a moment and count each breath. Begin by inhaling through your nose, and count 1 to yourself. Exhale through your mouth, and count 2. For every odd number, inhale. For every even number, exhale. Count until you reach 10, and…

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3 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Intrusive Thoughts?

  1. I do count my breaths, and have found it to be quite useful, especially now, due to impending medical tests, and when even my medications don’t put me out for the night, and I lie there tossing and turning.😴


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