Home is where the heart is

Travelling is such a big part of everyone’s life but this is even more the case when you have 2 nationalities.Since a very young age I have always travelled between Britain and Greece. I am currently waiting to board my flight from Greece to Germany after our holiday has come to an end. I married a German so now Germany is home. However, when I am in Greece it is also home and the same goes for the UK. I have lived in both countries for 18 and 11 years so love both the same.

I find it is very true when people say that home is where the heart is. Wherever my husband and I are together, is feels homely and cosy. We are both most comfortable in our life together. We have both lived in all 3 countries and even though each country has its’ own unique qualities, we always feel happy wherever we make our home. 

The complicated part of of all this is that you are forever travelling and as someone who isn’t comfortable in turbulence or enclosed spaces I have had to just ‘deal’ with the anxiety I get on planes. It has become a little easier since I had EMDR but the underlying fear is still there. 

Every time the plane lands, I am extremely grateful and happy.

Generally though I consider my life interesting in the fact that I have always had the opportunity to see different things and experience different ways of living. This has been my reality.


2 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is

  1. I travel every year at least once, if not twice, to distant cities in the US. While I live in the US, it is still very difficult for me to be in that plane for more than an hour or so, and take-offs and landings send my anxiety through the roof. Happy travels!


    • Sorry to hear you also aren’t comfortable with flying but at least keep doing it! We have to face our fears otherwise we miss opportunities that we may later regret. Happy travels to you too!


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