Mediterranean holiday

Dear friends,

I am currently away on holiday with my husband, which is why I haven’t been able to post anything on here for awhile. We haven’t had internet a lot of the time so it’s become harder to write.

We are soaking up some sunshine in the mediterranean whilst also seeing family I hadn’t seen in 16 years. The family is quite distant (2nd cousins ) but incredibly generous and wonderful people. Ever since I went no contact with my father, I felt very sad to have lost such an important person in my life. Nothing will ever fill the void and sadness I feel but surrounding myself with family that is healthy is incredibly important.

The love and generosity I felt when seeing this old cousin, filled my heart with such joy! She is a wonderful lady in her 70’s who considers my father a brother. She grew up alongside him and is also deeply saddened by the way things turned out. She has a family of her own but has been a widow for over 20 years. She lives on an island so it has been hard to visit her over the years, especially since I have been living abroad. I felt it was important to see her and show her that I care and that it was just circumstance that didn’t allow me to visit sooner.

When you have been starved of unconditional love as a child, you tend to find other ‘parental figures’ in adulthood that are able to give you that love. This cousin is one of them and I wish we lived closer.  I have had many other ‘parental figures’ along the way and very much appreciate these people.

Do you find that other people’s parents or even complete strangers are kinder to you than your own? This has been my experience..


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