Dear us: Depression isn’t a Choice

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”Depression is not a choice, it doesn’t just go away and there is nothing wrong with you”.

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12828394_10207826520014667_8389457547064013869_o I did this with an App…. guys… I don’t really wear heaps of make up and cry, then take photos…. that’d be weird.

Dear self,

We are currently coming out of the back end of a darkness patch, they sneak up on us every so often and then engulf us wholeheartedly in the shittiness that is depression, anxiety and PTSD….Blah blah blah.

We don’t realise its here until it’s been….. oh about two whole months that we’re even in that place again. It’s a sneaky, sneaky darkness.
It usually starts with a conversation like this:

Us: “I don’t know what’s going on with me, Batman” 
“You’re depressed again, that’s ok. Give yourself time to heal, it’s going to take time” Batman replies.
And we sit there in our pajamas, with tear streaked glasses and I say through angry sobs:
“I don’t want to be sad anymore” knowing full well that I

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One thought on “Dear us: Depression isn’t a Choice

  1. The term darkness perfectly describes the feeling of depression since it’s something any can be exposed to, although it’s not something most people enjoy.

    Why? Well because it’s the body’s way of saying something is off considering how there’s an entire universe of Wonders beyond our own being, but then again some people do enjoy being miserable because they may be surrounded by others who dote on them.

    But then again someone might just be lost entirely in a nightmare that never seems to end. Life is complicated and the answers aren’t always simple, but one thing is for sure and that’s how depression sucks.

    So that’s why there’s nothing wrong with crying, screaming, wailing, and so on because it’s good to move those emotional blockages so one can enjoy life.

    In any case, many blessings to those who suffer. Good post, thank you for sharing!

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