I am a graduate coach! 

I had an incredibly insightful, fulfilling and intense week practicing the many coaching models I was learning about.

I am currently at Stansted airport waiting on my delayed plane and happy to have a big fat manual with all the info I need to keep practicing all the techniques I learnt.The other 13 people on the course were wonderfully caring & empathetic, all with interesting backgrounds. We will keep in touch to keep practicing our skills and give feedback.

The course was everything I hoped it would be and the tutors were even better! Lovely people. I feel very humbled that my feedback was mostly positive.I am hoping that my husband will kindly be my first coachee when I return home. Practicing is so important first thing!

I am generally feeling very proud of myself for managing my anxiety through that first morning.


6 thoughts on “I am a graduate coach! 

  1. Well done and congratulations perhaps I’m jealous that you’re a qualification but I’ve a life of experience with most traumatised and that’s not in any manual. Coaching only works when the recipient wants to change.


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