1st day of coaching course

I made it to London (hoorah) and I am currently sitting in my tiny hotel room waiting for the breakfast room to open. I am up a little early for my liking but I prefer to have plenty of time to eat my breakfast and travel to the venue. 

It is 6:45am British time and my usual rise & shine time is 8:30! I must admit I am feeling very excited!..I am looking forward to meeting some of the interesting people that will be there. I would like to think that a room full of people wanting to learn coaching skills means that they are mostly kind, empathetic people, especially as they want to help others. I am of course aware that with every caring profession, there are also wolves in sheeps’ clothing. One example of this is my mother. She is a certified coach but also a covert narcissist. She has attended multiple training courses and is now even a supervisor. However, this doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t able to self-reflect, she doesn’t know when she is projecting onto others and generally hasn’t been very successful.

I believe that to help others you must have empathy. Coaching is of course based on Socratic questioning so I presume by asking the right questions, you can guide the client in the right direction and they can figure out what they need to do.This requires a set of skills that you learn which anyone can do. Especially narcissists. The real support however, comes from genuinely caring. Having the right personality definetely helps, as I have found through my own experience of being coached, having therapy etc..I could sense straight away that the person had empathy from the way they made eye contact, from the way they spoke and from their general composure. On the occassions that the people I went to for help didn’t feel right, I immediately stopped the sessions.

On the bright side, I would like to think that people are mostly good. It is breakfast time now so I will leave you for the time being and get going with my day! I will be back later on this evening to tell you all about how the course went and whether I survived my day! πŸ˜‰ 


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