Being apart & the anxiety that goes with it

Whenever you are in a loving relationship or marriage, your partner becomes your family.

If you are unlucky enough to not have healthy parents, then your partner and chosen family (friends) become your everything.

Days before my husband and I know we will be travelling apart, we get a little sad..


We talk about it usually a week before as a countdown..”You are leaving in 4 days” with a sad face..”1 day to go”..”Oh dear we will be apart for 5 nights”..

We always get into this routine of making sure we give each other extra hugs and kisses and tell each other ”I love you”enough times..

We are so valuable to each other and with everything going on in the world at the moment, we get a little nervous. Terrorist attacks have been ongoing and you never know what might happen or if you will get caught up in the anxiety of it all. Then you hear of many plane crashes, suicidal pilots, bad weather and our anxiety levels increase even more..

When you also suffer from Complex PTSD you are hypervigilant anyway, so you always have to make sure you have your coping items with you. For me personally I need my noise reducing headphones & mp3 player, water, chewing gum and antiseptic hand gel.

I am very happy to be travelling for my course but when my husband is also travelling for work, it is so important to check in with each other whenever we reach our calm the worrying..

My husband is travelling a lot this year for work..He has 2 trips to the US coming up in August & September and a few trips to different European destinations before that as well..It’s wonderful to be able to travel so often and experience so much.

I always wonder if others have anxieties when travelling. Do you feel nervous at all? If you suffer from anxiety, does leaving your comfort zone affect you?

There is so much to be grateful for and I am very happy that I have had such opportunities to travel since a young age..I just wish that there weren’t so many additional things to have to worry about..All we can do however, is keep living our lives as normally as before..


4 thoughts on “Being apart & the anxiety that goes with it

  1. Oh I can totally relate to this. And I have to admit that I sometimes let it lead me in making decisions (for example not going on holiday, because he won’t join). I haven’t learned enough skills and tactics to calm myself down yet. (Video)calling is great, but after a while it also makes me a bit sad, because I can’t actually feel him. But it is better than nothing 🙂


    • I know what you mean..I also hate doing travelling without my partner and sometimes feel like I can’t manage it..but I keep thinking that I used to be alone and have done so much travelling on my own when I didnt even have a partner so I know I can handle it..I just have to keep the positive thinking going and pretend all is well.. It ends up working in the end! I still miss him though..

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