The freedom of thought..

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Attitude is everything..We can all choose how we react to what life throws at us.

Suffering is a normal part of life and unfortunately some people suffer more than others. This can depend on many different factors such as family of origin, country, nationality, politics, socioeconomic factors, their general support system and of course health.

Some people have survived the most horrific of experiences because they chose to think positively. On the other hand, people who have a comfortable life can be utterly miserable because their thinking is mostly negative. It all boils down to attitude and how you choose to think.

We all have the choice to change our thinking. If we need to blame others because we are too scared to make any changes, then that is self-sabotage.

It is ok to have weaknesses and it is even more ok to admit we have them. It is our responsibility however to do something about them.

If we are unfortunate enough to live in poverty or have a serious medical condition through no fault of our own, then it is ok to not feel great or positive about it. However it is up to us to be resilient enough to ask for help to reduce our suffering in both situations.

What do you believe about attitude? Is it the most important thing for improving our life at times of adversity?



















































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