CBT did wonders for me..


Like most people with depression, negative thinking, catastrophizing and many more distorted ways of thinking can make you feel so much worse when you are really struggling with the simplest tasks. When anxiety and suicidal thinking is also present, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy becomes a necessity. I know this from personal experience.

Back in 2008, I had my first breakdown and ended up clinically depressed after the end of a relationship. This break-up triggered my past abandonment traumas and on top of that, my mother called me pathetic because she couldn’t handle hearing my sadness. She basically finished me off.

I had nobody at the time apart from my pet, my flatmate and my therapist.

This therapist booked me in for twice weekly sessions, got me on antidepressants and used the CBT charts below to get me through that critical first week. It gave me hope to slowly see improvement in what I could achieve and it gave me first hand experience with how helpful CBT can be.

These are courtesy of the following website:


The first one is essential for getting through the worst of your depression, when you are struggling with even the simplest tasks, like eating, showering and sleeping.

As I started filling it in with things I had achieved every 2 hours, I felt a little better each time. When my depression was the worst it had ever been, I wasn’t able to eat anything and couldn’t sleep as I was crying all the time. Every time I managed to eat some food, get some sleep and even shower, my mood improved. This of course was with the professional help of a therapist, which I would very much recommend as an essential part of your recovery from severe depression and suicidal ideation.

Weekly Mood Chart
Weekly Schedule for Behavioral Activation


Positive Activities for Behavioral Activation


These charts can be very helpful if you don’t have access to a therapist and need some sort of support. There are also free depression & anxiety forums on the web, along with plenty supportive groups on facebook, twitter and of course on blogging platforms.

Depending on where you are in the world, check out some of these links from my website:

My child within website

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8 thoughts on “CBT did wonders for me..

  1. One of the many things I like about your posts is this, and I’m phrasing this in the only way I know how; people often use the phrase “Everything happens for a reason.” I’ve never believed that. I believe that things happen, and then you find a reason to continue, hopefully in a positive manner, By being so open and honest whilst sharing information that many haven’t any other access to, you’ve done that. Best wishes.


  2. From my own experience I can confirm that your posts help! I love reading them, too. CBT has helped me a lot, too. However, I never came across these wonderful worksheets. Thank you for sharing them! I also wanted to let you know that I recommended your blog to other readers at Niki’s weekend meet & greet: https://therichnessofasimplelife.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/weekend-meet-greet-4/ (see comments section) I hope, many readers will find their way to your blog… All the best!

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  3. Hi there. I’ve just stumbled across your blog via Niki’s “The Richness of a SImple Life” blog. I’m blown away already with the sincerity and importance of your message here, and I will recommend this blog to others. I’ve not personally suffered from any mental illnesses, but I have seen first-hand what it can do as my partner and my housemate suffer from depression and bi-polar disorder respectively. I’m thrilled to see that your blog has gained recognition, and I will be following it with interest. Keep doing great things!

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    • Thank you. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to read, follow and comment on my blog. It has been incredibly healing for me and I just want to pass my knowledge onto others suffering. It can be very tough sometimes with people not understanding or having patience to listen. I’m sorry to hear about your partner and housemate.. There seem to be so many people suffering, it really is a shame! Best wishes and thanks again!

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