Coaching course in the UK

Over the last 2 years I had been wanting to do a Masters in Art Therapy. I got accepted onto a university course in the UK, only to then move abroad for my husband’s work.

The original plan was to save money for the MA and then I would return to do it.

This has all changed now as life just happens and things change.

Firstly, the EURO conversion to British pounds is dreadful..You lose so much money..When we first moved to central Europe we didn’t consider that the conversion would get so bad. Secondly, when we moved abroad my husband promised me that we would save to pay for tuition, however I have felt bad watching him save his money every month, to then give it all away for a masters I don’t even know will be a success.

I was never planning on living abroad for longer than a year, so I never felt motivated to learn the language here..I guess the honest truth is that I never liked the language and found it hard to learn even when I was at school. Nevertheless, I have managed with living abroad. I know little bits of German and have been able to do my shopping and other things.

It has now been 2 years since we left England and this year I have to tell the university for a 3rd time that I won’t be coming to do my MA. I can’t defer again so will lose my place on the course. I am little sad about this as Art Therapy really felt like the right thing for me, however I was having anxiety dreams about not being able to keep up with essays, presentations etc..It’s been 12 years since I had to study and to be honest I had always struggled through secondary school and through my Bachelors. This was due to my depression, constant lack of support from my family and my PTSD. I found it hard holding information in and would take longer to learn things. I know I am intelligent enough to cope with learning again, but feel like I have to take smaller steps before I commit to an MA. I have learned to listen to my anxiety dreams whenever I have them.

I was online looking at various shorter intensive courses I could do. I enjoy helping people and want to continue working in a caring field. Working as a healhcare assistant was very rewarding, however it was exhausting both physically & mentally. I wouldn’t mind if I could do it part-time but that isn’t an option in care work. You are ALWAYS given extra shifts and can’t say no, unless you have a young child.

The courses I had been looking at are Life coaching, specifically Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching, and other qualifications such as ‘Dealing with Trauma & PTSD’. I thought that starting with a certificate in Coaching would be a good way to ease myself into studying again and then once I complete this, I can then do further training in Trauma or other areas.

I am feeling a little more sure of myself in completing this 5 day intensive course and hopefully achieving a Certificate in Coaching at the end of it. It is approved by the British Psychological Society and if I feel it is the right thing for me, I can then continue with the Diploma of Coaching. Art Therapy isn’t going anywhere and I can always go back and study it when I am 40 and have a little more employment experience in helping people. I was a little too worried about making Art Therapy the one employment path that would save me. It is a tough area to find work in and that worried me a little. I would rather get qualified in it as an additional career path, rather than make it the only career path. It’s always good to have a plan B in life and with my current personal experience of healing my own trauma, I would also really enjoy learning more about how to help others with theirs.

I really want to continue blogging, share my knowledge about mental illness and hopefully help others in a more professional way.




6 thoughts on “Coaching course in the UK

  1. As far as I’ve been able to discern, cognitive behavioural therapy is the best method for treating PTSD. Haven’t had the courage to try it, myself. However, it seems that you do, and treating others helps oneself, I believe. You can do it. What a great example of empathy and compassion. Thanks so much.


    • Thank you so much for the supportive comment. I really hope that I don’t regret my decision to postpone my art therapy training. I do however think that other training would be beneficial to me and I could always incorporate a form of art healing in whatever I do. I hope you are doing ok. X

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      • Yes, you may not need to do the entire art therapy course.. I had to let go of a course I wanted to do that required me to be in the UK, too. Just remember as you recover you are learning more and more, qualifications will help but you also learn a lot from your own healing and using art as a part of that. xo

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