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Don’t be ignorant..

12 thoughts on “Don’t be ignorant..

  1. I didn’t even know that this existed until I started therapy. I had never used the word before, I always just said “cocky”. Now, I only use the word to refer to my cheating ex-husband. Sorry that you had to endure the abuse of a narcissist.


  2. So true! And really your sentiment of “don’t use a term you don’t understand” applies to any mental health issue…For those of us entrenched in mental illness, hearing other people toss the terms around without any understanding of the meaning..Well, you are right, it is insulting. And for me, it makes me feel unsafe. Because if someone is willing to joke about or take mental illness lightly, then it feels to me like they won’t understand me, or that they will judge me in their ignorance.

    I always love to read your blog as your strength and resilience are very inspiring!

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    • Aww, thank you Heidi! You are right though, I also feel unsafe around these people for the same reason. I have been made to feel invalidated so many times from people who don’t understand and it is extremely painful! They want to make things seem ‘less important’ because they are ignorant or don’t want to face the truth.


    • I too feel this way, when this happens. It really upsets me. I have found that when I do it back to them, the don’t like it so much. People need to fix their own glass house’s, before they throw stones at others.
      I have become so frustrated with this, that my new favorite phrase has become “you can’t argue with that ignorance”, then walk away.
      I’d love to hear any phrases you’ve used, to get this ignorance & lack of compassion stopped.


      • ”you cant argue with that ignorance” is great!!
        I generally haven’t had the opportunity to actually talk to anybody face to face recently.I just hate seeing people using the term on twitter and social media to describe something fickle.

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