Saying NO to a Narcissist


Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

You can say NO without having to explain yourself. The other person does not have agree with any explanation you give to them, for you to stick with your choice. Even if they do not understand your reasons, you can still stick with your NO. 

Adult children of narcissistic parents often feel obligated to explain their reason for saying NO to something that someone else wants. If you do not want to do something, that is good enough. 

If you were brought up with a narcissistic parent, then your emotions and concerns did not matter to them. Their agenda always came first. You were probably made to feel shame or guilt when you expressed any dislike for situations they narcissist put you in. 

The narcissist has to have their way all the time. They do not compromise or let you take a turn to have your way about anything. Your…

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