Hyper / Hyposensitivity


Good afternoon all you dreamers and creamers,

After another long mute I once again feel the need to write something off my chest. I would like to continue my series on why I think that giftedness can be much more of a burden than it is often perceived to be.

I pretty much gave it away in the title but would like to elaborate on this a little more and show how exactly this can be so much of a burden.

I feel both of the above in a particular way. Always and about everything.

Whilst I dont want to go into the details of (the clinically not yet broadly recognised) emotional ‘hypersensitivity’ and use a checklist or something similar (if five of the next onehundred items apply to you, you are xzz..) – (as if anybody would always fall into manmade rosters), I also dont want to focus on…

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