Narcissistic parents hate it when you set boundaries..


I have heard all of these said by both my mother and father. My mother especially said that I was acting like a completely different person when I started setting boundaries. That I am not the daughter she had always known. That I am not the caring and thoughtful daughter that she could so easily abuse all my life.

Narcissistic parents will even accuse your significant other or your therapist to be the one that is turning you against them and that they aren’t healthy.

What are your expreriences?


9 thoughts on “Narcissistic parents hate it when you set boundaries..

  1. I heard “After all I’ve done for you….blah blah blah” so many times growing up and even as an adult. She was the mother of all guilt trips. The other one on this list that she used a lot was blaming other people for changing or influencing me and than banning me from seeing them anymore. She never could give me credit for making my own decisions. Someone else had put that idea in my head and they had to be banished or destroyed!

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    • Same here Don…I really feel for you! The funny thing is, we don’t owe our parents anything!We didn’t ask to be born and definetely didn’t ask to be abused..I am on low contact with my mother but she still thinks my husband influences me..The reality is that I have become healthier through years of therapy and she has lost control.

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      • Low contact is how I dealt with my mother as well until she died. Truth is, your husband probably does influence you some and hopefully in a healthy way. Everyone in our environment influences us to some degree. She just doesn’t like the influence he and your therapist are on you because it takes you further from her. Funny thing is my mom loved all the women I dated that were like her and hated the ones that stood up to her and had healthier outlooks. I actually witnessed her and one of my crazy girlfriends bond while ganging up on me with verbal and emotional abuse. It was creepy and disgusting to see a mother turn on her own child like that.

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        • I agree…I am very glad I finally had healthy people influence me away from her. I’m sorry to hear you had such horrid experiences of both mother and girlfriends ganging up against you. It really is creepy and sad!


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