Going No Contact does not Make You the Narcissist

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Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

I’ll never forget the time when I finally meant business and blocked my Ex from being able to reach me by cell phone.  At first it felt empowering because it was the first in a series of steps to gain my freedom and power back.

But, after a few days, the debilitating guilt set in.

Wasn’t blocking him the same thing as when he gave me the Silent Treatment?  What if he’d finally seen the light and felt remorse for how he’d treated me?  Maybe he was trying frantically to get in touch with me to apologize, and here I was apathetically preventing him from offering his apology.

Didn’t all of these things make me just as heartless and cunning as when he’d ignored me?  What if the “hurt little boy” inside him was reaching out to be rescued?  After all, most of us are aware that ignoring another…

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