Hormones or therapy side effects?

As most women on here will agree, premenstrual syndrome or pms is a pain in the butt! You are up, then down, like an emotional rollercoaster! You get pimples on your face, your breasts are tender or swollen, you feel bloated and you can also get excessively tired at the most inappropriate times. If you have a significant other, then they also might notice other things like a change in the smell of your breath or body odour.


At the moment, I am a 5 days before my period due date and I am definetely overly sensitive to everything.  The problem however is that when you also suffer from depression & ptsd, the emotions going haywire just before a period can make you feel even more vulnerable. To top this off, I have also had my first week of EMDR dealing with childhood abandonment. Even though my session went well, I am feeling a little more vulnerable than usual and feel like a kid again. I am having strange dreams but nothing different to what i’m used to. I am still getting my typical abandonment dreams, where my husband leaves me(poor hubby doesn’t deserve this & neither do I). I am also finding it hard to be intimate. I seem to be having moments of sadness one minute, to feeling angry the next, to then crying about my father abandoning me last year.

Anyhow, I am having my next EMDR session on Wednesday again so will discuss all this with my therapist. A lot of the reprocessing happens in the time in between sessions, so it is important to share your feelings with the therapist.



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