A happy day..and a few of my favourite things..

Today is a happy day for my husband and I, so I really wanted to share this with my lovely readers. As much as I enjoy and find it important to blog about mental health issues, it is also good to change the context a little and write about the joys in life.

Before I announce the reason why we are so happy however, I would also like to say my thanks to a kind blogger who has nominated me for the ‘One lovely blog’ award. That blogger is the lovely Finding my way home. I will create another post to give thanks for this award and nominate people.

Our happiness today is due to the fact that we bought our first brand new car 🙂 First things in life are important. Not so much materialistic things but moments shared with loved ones. A baby’s first word, our first kiss, our first friend, our first love, our first job etc.

A car to us means freedom and comfort in so many ways..A first car means ‘feeling proud that you worked hard, saved the money and earned it’. A first car feels important in our 1st year of marriage. Last time we had a car was 3 years ago and it was a very old car which only lasted 2 months.. At the time, we lived in a very remote part of England and when the car broke down, we were very sad for at least a month. Since then, we moved home 3 times and had to rent cars and vans. With renting cars, comes of course the responsibility of making sure they don’t get damaged in any way..and there is the time limit. Now, we will finally have the freedom to do as we please and get to places that aren’t accessible by train or tram..

Below is the photo of our new beauty 🙂  A Seat Mii but with 3 doors not 5..and we got it in white with a sun roof 🙂 We wanted a car that was small and cheap to run..and comfortable..We did a test drive today and were very happy! It’s also a great city car when parking is an issue.

It will be ready in April and will be delivered straight to our car dealer, which is round the corner from our home. Woohoo..


Secondly, I wanted to share a few other things that I think are really unique.

I’m not a materialistic sort of person but wanted to share a couple of creative shops I love on etsy:  I really value handmade things and also prefer to support small businesses.

This first shop is called ‘My Paper Cave’ and you can find these lovely decoupaged hangers. It is hard to find pretty hangers and this shop will do personalised ones too.



This 2nd shop is called ‘Stained Glass Handmade’ and I love these gorgeous drinking glasses. What beautiful colours! 



If you like jewellery, then this little shop by ‘Anne Tranholm’ has beautiful, geometric jewellery.




Lastly this shop called ‘Theoctopress’, creates wonderful prints on plexiglass with a wooden frame.


I hope you enjoy these lovely creations and maybe they inspire you for future gift giving.

Always support small businesses. ❤


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