Dreams, nightmares and the messages they bring to awareness..

FontCandy (69)

Throughout the many traumatic events in my life, the dreams I seem to have had in constant repetition, are the ones that reveal my most painful traumas.

I am happily married now to a lovely, caring man and nevertheless my past experiences of abandonment & being cheated on still haunt me. My husband has never ever uttered those dreaded words of ‘I will leave you’ or i’m not happy with you’, yet I still have dreams where he cheats on me, ignores me and doesnt’talk to me. It is actually more common for me to say ‘just go then’ after an argument, because I actually still have this innate belief that I am not worth loving and that he will eventually leave me, like everyone else did in my life. When all you have known is abandonment in your family and then you have also had ex partners that cheated on you and abused you, then that is all you expect..

Sometimes, if I haven’t been intimate with my husband within the average time-frame that we usually have sex, my brain is instantly triggered and the nightmares of him cheating start. It is such an unfair thing for me to have to re-live so often and it is also incredibly unfair towards my husband as he has done nothing but show me his love and commitment. Luckily, things always go better than I anticipate in my marriage, as we are able to talk openly about everything that is on our mind.

Do you pay attention to your repetitive dreams? Do you ever consider discussing the content of your dreams with a therapist?




6 thoughts on “Dreams, nightmares and the messages they bring to awareness..

  1. I believe repetitive dreams do mean something, though they are not always a literal interpretation of what was dreamed. It has been interesting for me to see that a dream theme that I have had for decades, has almost completely stopped since I started my therapy work, especially work that addresses the “child-me”.

    I do talk about dreams with my therapist…He loves dream work and engaging me in an interpretation of what I have dreamed. I find it sometimes useful, but always very thought provoking.

    I am sorry you have your nightmares..I totally empathize, nightmares suck and are miserable to have to deal with!!! ((hugs))

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    • Thank you for commenting Heidi! It really is amazing how certain dreams stop after discussing them in therapy! I have had so many stop due to sharing them in therapy too..I do agree that the meaning isn’t always literal but its still important to look at the content of the dream in relation to our life. Hugs ❤


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