Where Does It Begin?

Dear friends, please welcome this new blogger.

Dear ‘Assembly of me’,
I am reblogging your post, as I think there are other bloggers on here that can relate. Thank you so much for the follow and I hope other bloggers on here provide some comfort in this ever changing, courageous journey of recovery from trauma. Welcome to the blogging world!

Assembly of Me

AOM.post001 image 2

The opening quote strikes within me a feeling of kinship towards Lewis Carroll. The affinity extends  to the Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass characters. Alice holds special meaning for me.

This is a journey blog into the Wonderland of my mind.


I guess the best place to start,  is where I am right now. Which is down the rabbit hole. Without a clue of who the hell I am.  I have no trust in  my thoughts or feelings. I have no trust in people. There are a very few loved ones I trust, and even with them I have to fight to keep the Hatter at bay. Fear has been on a rampage like a Bandersnatch all through Wonderland. There’s no hiding but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I avoid interaction with people as much as possible. I post in some online forums. Now I am…

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