Being physically healthy..

So I thought I would write a slightly different post this time which is in regards to physical health rather than mental health. I recently joined the gym (for the first time in my life!) with encouragement from my forever patient husband. I took me years to finally get round to joining and I must admit, i’m not too keen on exercising. I never liked P.E at school and always felt very self conscious in team sports (mostly basketball and volleyball).I think the reason for this was my low self confidence and huge dislike of being ‘watched’. When I was even younger I tried ballet classes and hated the strict teaching and constant criticism.

On the other hand, the exercises I do remember liking were aerobics & strength exercises which were much more prevalent in my late teens. Running was also something I tried, but once again not something I was particularly fond of. Having grown up in Greece, swimming was a favourite summer activity as I lived right by the sea and there were also many swimming pools nearby. It’s always better to exercise whilst enjoying yourself and swimming was something I would do every other day. Dancing was and is also another favourite activity but now that I am older, there aren’t that many opportunities to go to a bar and dance to some good old 90’s instead I have my living room or the very brilliant elliptical trainer at the gym.

If I am prepared before going to the gym, (with a good mp3 player full of dance music) I usually can get on the elliptical trainer and do a good 30min workout!

As you can see from the image, it is a great machine for an almost full body work-out. You can go faster to work up a bigger sweat and depending on how you step down with your feet (pressure on toes or heels) you can work different muscle groups in your legs. I try and work both my hamstrings and quadriceps.

Usually my gym work-out involves the elliptical trainer, the rowing machine, a few squats with some weights and at home I try and do some core strengthening exercises such as the ones below.

I am getting used to motivating myself, even though I must admit that if I had a choice of going to the gym or staying at home and doing creative activities (blogging, doodling, art), I would definetely choose the latter. πŸ™‚

Are you a keen exerciser? and if yes what do you prefer to do?

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far…and as I have to keep myself motivated, I am off to the gym. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Being physically healthy..

  1. I am not so much of a gym kind of gal, but I have learned that regular exercise really does help my mood. Usually, I walk outdoors…Having dogs is a good motivation! Where we live, there is no such thing as flat-ness, so any walk involves going up a hill, which of course increases the workout. I also do yoga every week which has worked wonders on my strength and really feeds my mind and spirit too. All that said, sometimes exercise just seems like work and it is hard to get motivated to do it. I applaud your resolve about going to the gym, good for you! πŸ™‚

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  2. Congratulations on improving your physical well being! It is very important to be physically active in order to maintain good mental health. Last year I took up dedicating myself to walking 5 km each day to an ultimate goal of 1,000 kms for the year. In the end, I walked 1,250 kms in 2015. What I had found is that the walking cleared my mind and gave me that daily peace that I was desperately searching for.

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience with exercise.I enjoy walking too and try and walk places instead of using public transport. Its great you exceeded your goal! Pretty awesome actually.
      I must admit I dont have a goal yet, as getting to the gym is hard enough..but Im sure that will come in time. Thanks again!

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  3. Hi πŸ™‚

    It’s 5:12 am in Siuthern Austrakia, just read you much appreciated voice in your post. I’ve got back into swimming and today is my 125th consecutive day of swimming. I’m in the pool, my 6:05 am Monday to Friday 8 Saturday and 10 Sunday. After swimming I do two streches one upper body one lower body. Then sit legs on edge of the pool and perform a mudras, final I sit with best posture hands cupped I close my eyes and meditate this my mind settled. Strive hard to build a habit it will attending gym easier especial when it’s cold. All change is built upon diet and exercise, with these in good order head work is much easier I have found. Blessed Be Trying J.

    Eyes Open No Fear Be Safe everyone

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