This is a new blog I wanted to share. It talks about the ‘truth’ of what it is really like being a gifted adult. Great insight for those who dont know..and possibly a great sense of relief for those who can relate.



This is my first blog.

A word of warning – this blog may at times be aggressive, arrogant, sarcastic, completely immature and written in rant style. But – and this is the good news – it will be completely devoid of any bogus insights into the ‘true world’ of the gifted adult.

Of course, as you may already have pictured, I am sitting here with thick glasses, a chessboard (no, in fact a go board), some magazines about astrophysics I use as coasters and japanese manga because I can’t get girlfriends.

My IQ enables me to get jobs of the highest calibre, and everything I do is about knowledge, learning, using my brain for a purpose and being smart.


Have you ever –

felt the need to cover the fact that you are already three steps ahead?

Have you ever –

wished you can give someone a piece…

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