To believe, or not to believe

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The journey of the Soul

Gas lighting. A psychological tactic that means to change a person’s reality.
To be gas lighted is to be brainwashed, spellbound by something your eyes are unable to see. Gas lighting is a psychological manoeuvre that creeps in through the back door and eventually holds you hostage. You can’t see anything, you just feel unsure, afraid, alone, worthless, subservient. The list is endless. But uncertainty of reality sits at the top. Insecurity follows in.
To be brainwashed is where your mental state is ambushed and the truths are rewritten. You no longer exist as a human being in your own right; you have now become someone else’s possession. Your feelings are not yours! Your mind is not authentically yours.
Here’s how it works.
You always place your keys on the kitchen window sill. It’s a habit you’ve formed for months, your keys had a place where you could always find…

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