Grateful for my fellow supporters..


With so many severely disordered people in my life and as it seems in the world, I must say that I am extremely grateful for also crossing paths with so many lovely, caring, resilient and empathetic people. People that feel deeply and want to share their stories to help others are very special, unique individuals and I connect with them in such a meaningful way.

Growing up I never felt heard, accepted, validated and wasn’t really encouraged to be the person I needed to be. Now in my 30’s I have met many wonderful people, including those clients I have looked after in my care work, that have more empathy & understanding towards me & others, than my parents ever did..Sometimes complete strangers can feel more like family than your own blood..and that is ok because these people are important in the lives of children & adults who grew up in an abusive home.

This post is to cherish these loving individuals who have touched my life and helped me through some of my toughest times.

I also value every single one of ‘YOU’ in this ever surprising blogging world, who have followed my blog, have shown interest in my personal story and for your kind words. I am also very humbled if I have been able to help you even if just a little bit, by sharing some of my knowledge in areas that I am so familiar with.

Thank you so much ❤


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