”Depression is a flaw in chemistry, not character”

Thought of the day..

I was walking around Manhattan last week and saw the banner seen below, so had to take a photo of it..”Depression is a flaw in chemistry, not character”..WP_20151014_001

Depression doesn’t make people weak, pathetic, useless etc…Over the years I have been called pathetic, attention seeking, self-obsessed and god knows what else by my wonderful (severely ill) mother and this was always at moments where I needed compassion, validation & understanding the most..During my first breakdown where I was clinically depressed, I was called these above words..because she was projecting her own vile stuff onto me..Thank goodness for my therapist who saved my life, with twice weekly sessions..

I have always been looked down on as weak or too sensitive by my parents and other people of the same type (narcissistic)…It might actually seem that way on the surface..The reality is though that if I hadn’t been so severely emotionally abused by my parents when I was only a child, I would most likely not have depression, anxiety & cptsd..The flaw in chemistry in my brain, (as is for the majority of people it seems) is a result of being on ‘high alert’ as a child when my brain hadn’t even fully developed yet..The flaw in chemistry (amygdala/hippocampus) was caused by the lack of love, support, encouragement, safety & validation every child deserves..Many studies have proved this…

Depression can never be a flaw of character..However people with nasty characters (narcissists/psychopaths, etc) can have depression and these personality types were most likely traumatised as children as well.


5 thoughts on “”Depression is a flaw in chemistry, not character”

  1. It’s not always chemistry; and “Nature vs. Nurture” doesn’t quite explain things, not all the time; I think it could be a combination of one, both, or all three. Depends on the trauma and how long it’s lasted, and how you deal with it. The biggest hurdle, I think, is refusing to to face the challenge. Great post. You’re helping people.


      • Breaking the stigma is what it’s all about; everyone seems to think they’re immune until they actually experience some form of trauma; I was guilty of that myself. The good thing that comes from PTSD is that it teaches you to be less judgemental of others. Your words are wiser than mine, and more helpful to people.

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  2. Beautiful post. I also believe if we dont sllow children the authentic expression of their full spectrumnof emotions or bind some on shame such as anger we doom them to depression

    We no longer conciously remember how angry and sad we felt a depression comes over us because we are grieving for a soul rape we cannot quiet fully make sense of or express.

    To be told we are weak or too sensitive can be abusive but we also need to develop the strength to fight for expression of our true self.

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