PTSD Neurology meets Psychology

Very clear explanation on the neurology of trauma & ptsd


The following definitions of the Hippocampus, the Amygdala and the Pre-Frontal Cortex are from a worksheet provided online from the Get Self Help web site. The link to their site is To see the actual worksheet you can check outTHIS LINK. There is a picture diagram of the brain ans I think many of you would find it very helpful.

You can see a good diagram of the brain and how trauma affects the brain at this link – TraumaBrain

The way I want to write this post for you is to give you the definitions and then underneath each one of them I will write something that explains it in my own words, as well as adding some opinions and ideas.

I will write anything that is my own take on things in this purple color and the definitions will be in this blue color, 

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2 thoughts on “PTSD Neurology meets Psychology

  1. Excellent post; I only found out two years ago that the amygdala can actually be damaged over time by PTSD due to a constriction of blood flow. I think your information could help a lot of people.


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