New York City and so glad I pushed through my anxiety..

DSCN0505 DSCN0547 DSCN0549 DSCN0591Dear friends,

As you can see I made it to New York. I successfully got through my first 8 hour transatlantic flight in a huge airbus and I didn’t have a panic attack. I managed to control my anxiety & triggers by listening to music nearly the whole way through the flight. My noise cancelling headphones minimised all the sounds the plane makes during take off & landing, I remembered to breathe deeply and overall I feel incredibly grateful to have made it.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I did EMDR to help reduce my PTSD symptoms whilst flying. I guess it actually helped dumb down the extreme physical reactions my body goes through when being triggered by the loud sounds a plane can sometimes make and the turbulence which can sometimes make you feel sick.

I am happy and I am grateful that I arrived and even more so that I am spending my time here with my husband. We are also celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary on the 15th this month and so happy that we made it through a very tough and tumultuous year.



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