FontCandy (35)Dear readers,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile. Our internet stopped working for 5 days but finally its fixed. I have also been packing for my big trip to New York with my hubbie.So excited and nervous!

I had my 4th EMDR session today and I am hoping that on Sunday I will be much better equipped to deal with my flight anxiety. My therapist said that she feels positive that it will definetely help me, so fingers crossed!

I will be posting again on Saturday before we set off..I hope you are all well my dear friends.

Cptsd can be managed..

11 thoughts on “Cptsd can be managed..

  1. A lot of psychologists believe that people can fully recover from many mental illnesses (by which I mean those of the CPTSD type) with the right kind of therapeutic work. The brain is a muscle, so, although it is structurally different as a result of complex trauma, it can be remoulded over time through reconditioning: So I agree exactly with your points about practising self-care, spending time with positive, accepting people, and living your live in a way which practises valuing yourself. Because these things should help to recondition the way you think about yourself, other people, and life more generally, altering brain structure in the long-term.


    • I completely agree with you..The brain can definetely be restructured..My therapist is a behavioural/cognitive therapist who also uses EMDR..She say that it takes the brain 1000 times to make something a habit…it takes a lot of tough work and perseverance ..So even if you manage to repeat ‘good exercises for the brain’ a lot less, you are still making improvements..I am hopeful..thanks for sharing ❤

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